Sandbox? Rose™? What’s that? Well, friend, I’ll tell you. Several years ago I found this virtual online world where you actually move about in a 3-D environment, interact with other people, own a home (and can actually furnish said home,) and meet people from all over the world. I even had the honor of being a scout in this ‘world.’ (That’s a helper who answers newbies’ questions and makes sure they get off on the right foot.) My name was *ChaseB* and my house as called Sandbox.

Well, I don’t frequent the Rose™ world like I used to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy my own little virtual world. Before Rose™ came out, there was a program called Roomancer™ which also let you own your own virtual home. Where Rose™ uses a central server to let it’s users get together, Roomancer™ would allow you to connect directly to another member’s computer by their IP address. Not as handy, I’ll admit, but cool in it’s own little way. Well the great guys at Moove™ are now releasing this program as a free download, and have allowed me to post it on my website. You can download the program HERE.

You can find out more by visiting the Rose™ website. It’s a free download, and there are no online charges. That equals FREE! (If you want some of the exclusive bits there is a fee for that, naturally.)

Here’s an alternative for the pink sofa that comes with the download version of Rose, just put it in the /Rose/art/bmp/ directory (don’t forget to back up the original.)

In order to see people in rose you will need to get their Actor file. A lot of people make their own, Here are a few of mine that I’m working on. Watch these pages for new actor files as I create them.