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Allows female characters to play the Ahnassi romance quests.

This plug-in allows you to taunt Arvama Rathri enough to make her attack you first - thus not getting in trouble when you are sent to assassinate her.

This plug-in makes Zennammu recognize that Assaba-Bentus is following you. Don't use unless he IS following you.

And you thought Crazy Batou was important ... PAH!

Fixes the fog density in the 'Dome of Serlyn' level of "Sotha Sil.' (A 'Tribunal' Fix)

This plug-in enables the "Detect Creatures Potion" topic for Edwinna Elbert, so that you can begin getting quests from Skink in Sadrith Mora.

Fixes the Snow Bear Boots and Snow Wolf Right Gauntlet errors from using the incorrect meshes when placed on the ground. (A ĎBloodmooní Fix) Note: This has been fixed with the latest Bloodmoon patch.

Quickie potions to restore a lost skill. Found on the top floor inside the Seyda Neen lighthouse behind a post.

With this you can catch any disease - you vampire-wannabe.

Skin-Plate Armour

Hereís a suit of armor that I havenít quite given up on. It uses bits that Iíve found here and there, plus some retexturing of my own. Iíve made three different tops and Iím not satisfied with any of them. But itís too cool to completely abandon. Requires Tribunal.

Created for my other character, Aaron of Ur. Modified the stats for the Wood Elf and Breton races, as well as added a new class, Gypsie. Works well with Rhedd's heads.

Parchment Pinups. (Nudity)

My modifications on a dragon - Not my mesh.

A sea adventure! Yo ho ho!

A girlie picture book. Find it on the top floor of the lighthouse in Seyda Neen. (Nudity)

Retextured Almalexia to create a new creature, havenít used it yet.

A loincloth. Thatís it. A loincloth.

Another lonely cavern to explore. Early script tests. Go in through an old shipwreck. (Bitter Coast Region -3. -10)

An attempt at creating another outfit. Failed.

Casting the Energy Blast spell will produce a ball of energy on your hand that acts like a throwing weapon. When the duration of the spell effect ends the weapons disappear as well.

Arrow of PoisonBlast. Creates a killer explosion that poisons everyone around it.

My attempt at a Will-o-the-Wisp.