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Enya's New Look Enya's New Look

I donít expect my mods to be the Ďbe-all and end-allí of mods. With the vast majority of them out there, you are free to choose not to use them. But I like them. Theyíre clean - and most of them have been heavily tested. A lot of them have been created as Ďproof of conceptí or a way to test an idea. Also, since my main character is a Breton female called Enya, a lot of these are geared for her. Feel free to modify them to suit your character if you wish - just give me a nod if you do. Iíve used ideas that Iíve gotten from other mods, and Iíve tried to give credit where credit was due, Iím sorry if I missed you, or gave credit to someone else (I give credit to the mod I found the idea/item in.)


Enya Set 'G'
Enya Set 'R' Enya Set 'R'

My Characterís name is Enya (this is how she looked when I started playing.) Sheís a Breton Gypsy. These mods have modified stats for Bretons, and a new class called ĎGypsyí. It also provides some new hairstyles. Both mods are exactly the same exept one provides a new set of underwear, where the other is completely nude. They can be interchanged, but donít load both at the same time.

KBowz Cottage

My version of a house mod can be found off the road between Seyda Neen and Pelagaid, this cottage was originally designed by Derek Keefer ( - and unfortunately is not compatible with his "Cottage Home" mod.) Iíve cleaned it and changed it considerably, created some new items (like the HackMaster 2000), and put in a few really cool scripts (like thrown weapons that return to your hand). There are some items that are completely unbalanced, and most of the clothing is designed for Enya.

Newland Island
KBowz Peaceful Fawna
Aaddis Abada
Newd Spriggan
Newd WingedTwilight

This one is not perfected, but will let you join the ranks of the Celestial Guardians. To try to join, look for the light someone hid under a bushel in Kbowz Cottage. (If you donít want to use the cottage, you can use the editor to place the lamp somewhere else.) On joining, you will receive some new armor, an amulet that lets you fly (super jump with slow-fall) and a special ring that helps you calm down anyone you pissed off. Again, itís designed for Enya. Requires Tribunal.

Tired of all the wildlife attacking you all the time? So was I, so I made them a little more passive. I changed the regular versions of: Alit, Cliff Racer, Guar, Kagouti, Kwama Forager, Mudcrab, Rat, Scamp, Scrib, Shalk, and the Slaughterfish. Diseased versions and other creatures are not effected.

Aaddis Abada. Wrenched hive of scum and villainy. This mod has an NC-17 rating. Infiltrate a house of ill repute and take down its leader. Interesting twist: You have to remain under cover, canít weald a weapon, or carry too much money. You also have to be a Breton female and a member of the Imperial Legion to even start. Break out those nude mods if you got Ďem.
Note: I am no longer offering or supporting the video version.

Angel Angel

These two are rather interesting in that they donít require an ESP file to work. Simply drop the meshes and textures into their respective directories and the game automatically recognizes them and uses the new files. Donít want them anymore? Just remove the files again. Use to make all instances of the Winged Twilight and the Spriggan a little more ... er ... revealing. The Spriggan requires Bloodmoon.

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