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Mavica FD-83

I bought a Sony Digital Mavica FD-83 a little while ago, thought it would make it a lot easier to get some pictures up on the web. This camera rocks! Hope you like the pictures.

Duck: The Movie

This camera even does video, Hereís the Internet classic DUCK: The Movie (a 3.33 meg MPG file)

Arizona Trip
Went to visit my folks at their new Arizona Home over Christmas 2001. Took lots of pictures. Here they are.

California Trip
Visited Beth at her folks over the 4th of July holiday. It was the first time I remember visiting California. Did the tourist thing.

Garfield Conservatory
Beth and I and a couple of her friends went to see the glass sculptures at the conservatory. This is what we saw.

Redbud Tree
Just a couple pix of me and my honey by the redbud tree at my folksí Michigan house before they sold it.

Waterfall Glen
We got some nice pictures at waterfall glen park, even thoí Beth doesnít believe it really is a waterfall.

Thanksgiving in Arizona
We went to visit my folks for Thanksgiving Ď02. Pix for your pleasure - or not. I donít care, itís my website.

Christmas in Arizona
We went to visit my folks for Christmas Ď03. Getting to be an olí cowboy again.

Train Trip
Went skiing in Montana in January Ď04, but I didnít remember to pull out my camera until the train ride home.

Ariz - Calif Trip in 2004
Back to my folks for Christmas, then onto CA for Bethís cousinís wedding. Took lots of pictures.