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The Advanced Rules:

Click here to download the Rule Book.
Click here to download the Character Sheet.
Click here to download the Character Designer.
Click here to download the Bestiary.

Here is the most complete rule book yet. Itís made into a PDF file so youíll need Adobeís Acrobat Reader to view it. Beside it is a new character sheet. (Also a PDF.)

Rule Book

Character Sheet

Here are some Windows programs I created. (Potential employers: I am a VB programmer.) The Hero Quest Character Designer will automatically create a character sheet for printing for any character you make. It is highly customizable so you can add new information and change current stats.

Beside it is the
Bestiary program that will print out creature sheets for any monster you choose. It too is highly customizable so you can change anything you want.

Updated data files for these programs can be downloaded, here. They are not necessary for them to run, they are just changed to suit my particular preferences.

If you experience a Oleaut32.dll error, then you may need to replace your file with this one.

An Excel spreadsheet summarizing all the beasts and their abilities can be downloaded here.

For those of you familiar with my site, you may notice there is no longer a link to download the third program in the set, the
Rules Browser. Because I spent so much time on the new rule book, I didnít want to redo everything on that too. Besides, I discovered it wasnít fully compatible with Windows XP. If you still want it, you can e-mail me for it.

(Oh, and by the way, all the artwork in both the PDFs and the programs (besides the Hero Quest logos), are my own creations.)